Louis Luyten - Exhibition & Interior Designer


Exhibition design


We see every subject we tackle as an opportunity to learn something new, be it scientific, artistic or multidisciplinary.

Our aim is to turn your content into a unique experience for visitors, creating lasting memories and impressions that stay with them long after the event. There are endless ways to do this: graphics, furniture, sound, visuals, installations, interactive modules…

Help us to widen the scope of possibility.


Interior design


Interior design is not just about making a room look pretty.

We see our work first and foremost as finding the most elegant way to make a room answer your personal needs. This means imagining new, practical ways to save space, improving comfort, and designing original pieces of furniture. Every detail is considered and balanced to make sure that our creations are built in your own image.

We take pride in supporting our local economy, using sustainable, locally-sourced materials, and working with tradesmen we know and trust.


Lighting design


The way we choose to light up a room or exhibition can radically transform the impression it gives.

In each and every space, lighting has a specific role to play, according to its own typology. It’s our job to make sure the right choices are made.

Instead of considering lighting as a final touch, we see it as a core element of any project, so we try include it in the first steps of our designs.

This allows us to make light and architecture complement each other, and keeps us from going over budget.