Exhibitions are powerful means of knowledge transmission, spaces conducive to reflection and emotion. Convinced of their ability to raise awareness, we believe that our work, together, can positively influence the world of tomorrow.


Our approach to scenography is distinguished by our constant concern to create a symbiosis between substance and form. We prioritize scenography that enhances the content, thus reinforcing the message of each exhibition.


Specialized in exhibition scenography, we bring to life a multitude of narratives, from arts to sciences, thus contributing to the realization of inspiring cultural and artistic projects.

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Louis Luyten is a Belgian exhibition scenographer, specializing in the design of temporary and itinerant exhibitions. He graduated in 2015 with a Master's degree in Scenography from the École Supérieure des Arts of Saint-Luc in Brussels.

It was as an interior architect and freelance scenographer that he began his career, collaborating with several agencies in Wallonia – Brussels, and contributing to international projects in partnership with Tempora. At the same time, he worked as an exhibition manager for various renowned cultural events such as Nuit Blanche and the Kikk Festival.

In 2021, he decided to dedicate himself solely to exhibition scenography and opened his own scenography agency. His work is characterized by a constant pursuit of coherence, valorization, and transmission. In a as flexible approach as possible, he surrounds himself with a multidisciplinary team of talents to meet the specific needs of your project.

Often collaborating with graphic designer Denis Decaluwe, Louis Luyten has worked on numerous exhibition projects, notably for the Bozar in Brussels, the Belgian Senate, the Royal Galleries, the ULB Science Culture Centre, the House of Sciences in Liège, and the Pavilion in Namur.