Location : Bozar – Brussels

Opening : October 2022

Type : Temporary

Client : Bozar

Graphiste : Denis Decaluwe

Subject : Water. We are facing unprecedented challenges around the globe. The importance of water often goes no further than its utilitarian value, but what about humanistic, moral, emotional, aesthetic and ethical values?
With the Faces of Water exhibition, Bozar is zooming in on recent research and artistic creations by four artists: Theresa Schubert, Joshua G. Stein, Haseeb Ahmed and Anna Ridler.

Mission : We have reworked the configuration of the space, initially very compartmentalized, in favour of a fluid path that proposes 4 well-defined spaces adapted to the presentation of these 4 monumental works. The graphic design reinforces both the idea of demarcation of the spaces and the idea of creating a link.
We chose to use glass for its lightness and its reflective properties. A large part of our scenographic interventions is made of reused materials.

Photographer : Denis Decaluwe