Lieu : Cinéma Galeries – Brussels

Ouverture : December 2022

Type : Temporary

Client : The Royal Gallery of Saint-Hubert

Graphiste : Denis Decaluwe

Sujet : The exhibition retraces the history of the 175 years of the Royal Galeries Saint-Hubert by developing the route in three periods. The visitor travels through the eras to discover its genesis, its history, its life but also the projects to come in the heart of Brussels but also in Europe.
More than 150 documents, models, plans, films, old and recent photos illustrate the whole story.

Mission :  While keeping a guideline in the scenography and graphics, we imagined these three periods as three completely different spaces in order to truly immerse the visitor in the atmosphere of the period.

We also contributed to the choice of objects, artworks and iconography as well as their display. Our mission also included production follow-up, coordination of the assembly and hanging of the entire exhibition.

Photographe : Denis Decaluwe